Immunocal Platinum
Immunocal Platinum works with the body to repair damaged cells and to improve mood, energy, well-being, alertness, concentration and clarity, all important to the maturing population. It also helps maintain proper muscle function and maintain bone health by reducing calcium loss.

Physicians' Desk Reference
The Physicians' Desk Reference (PDR) is the authoritative source of FDA approved information on prescription drugs. Although Immunocal is a natural, non‑drug supplement, it appears in the U.S. Physicians' Desk Reference. However, immunocal is also available without a prescription.

The CPS or Compendium of Pharmaceuticals and Specialties is published yearly and is distributed to Canadian Physicians and Pharmacists. Although Immunocal is a natural, non‑drug supplement, it appears in the CPS. However, immunocal is also available without a prescription.


Immunocal is a patented natural nutritional supplement that is over 90% pure protein and has a biological value higher than any other protein supplement or food available. The term “biological value” (BV) is a ranking of important edible proteins in your body.


Glutathione is clearly the most important antioxidant in the body and has been the object of intense research during the last 30 years. Presently, more than 100,000 scientific articles on glutathione are listed on Pub Med.

Dr. Oz and Glutathione

Dr. Oz explains in simple terms one of the most powerful antioxidants in your body - Glutathione.

Learn why most serious chronic diseases are associated with low levels of Glutathione and why it's called the superhero of antioxidants.

Immunocal Health Benefits

Immunocal (or HMS-90) contains several different proteins with special structural and functional properties which collectively provide a combination of important health benefits.

The name Immunocal refers to its effect on immune functions. The claim stating that Immunocal is effective in maintaining a strong immune system has been officially approved by Health Canada. Most people know that modern medicine is still relatively helpless in the face of viral epidemics such as HIV, SARS or the flu virus. In the time of globalization and increasing international travel activities it is only a question of time that a new epidemic will spread around the globe and eventually reach North America. Moreover, irrespective of these global threats, each of us is confronted with a constant barrage of colds and flus. The decisive question is whether the first encountered viruses will be eliminated by our immune system or stay and manifest themselves as a disease. This decisively depends on the strength of our immune system regardless of whether this moment is any time soon or in the more distant future. Someone who is taking Immunocal every day is best prepared for this moment.

Immunocal Common Questions

What is Immunocal?

Immunocal is an all-natural non-prescription health product available worldwide. This special protein holds many national and international patents and is medically recognized in the Physicians’ Desk Reference (“PDR” U.S.A.) and Compendium of Pharmaceutical Specialties (“CPS” Canada). It has undergone over 30 years of research and has been taken safely and effectively by millions of individuals.

What does Immunocal do?

Immunocal acts in two ways – it is a very high quality protein that provides all the amino acids your body needs, and, more critically, it raises a substance in your body called “glutathione”. Glutathione plays many roles in your body, the four most important of which can be summarized by the acronym:

AID = E2

A Antioxidant: Glutathione is the body’s “Master Antioxidant”
I Immune System: Glutathione is critical for immune function
D Detoxification: Glutathione is your cell's key detoxification enzyme
E2 Glutathione contributes to your overall energy at many levels

How does Immunocal work?

The Natural Health Products Directorate of Health Canada has issued an NPN (Natural Product Number) for the specific health claim “Immunocal is a natural source of the glutathione precursor cysteine for the maintenance of a strong immune system.” (NPN-80004370)

Immunocal contains specific fragile proteins that supply your body with the building blocks needed for the production of glutathione in your cells. These building blocks are called “precursors” and glutathione precursors are relatively rare in our normal diets. Unfortunately, eating glutathione itself does not effectively raise glutathione in the cells; this is why we need the precursors.

Why is glutathione important?

Glutathione is an essential component of your cells, with low glutathione levels, cells cannot perform many of their functions properly. Although glutathione functions in dozens of roles in our metabolism, the major functions can be summarized in four areas:

  1. It is the major antioxidant produced by the body. Antioxidants such as vitamins C or E cannot be made by your body and in fact could not work properly if glutathione were not present.
  2. Our immune systems depend on a steady supply of glutathione. Without it, our immune defenses become weakened.
  3. It is important in detoxifying many substances including heavy metals, breakdown products of cigarettes and automobile exhaust, many cancer-causing agents, and a multitude of pollutants and toxins we encounter on a daily basis.
  4. The major source of energy produced in our cells is derived from tiny structures called mitochondria. These mitochondria would literally burn up without the presence of glutathione.

Do healthy people need glutathione?

Optimal glutathione levels are important for everyone. Although you are hopefully in good health right now, glutathione levels fall as we age, and are lowered by a great number of very common illnesses. There is a constant demand for glutathione in our daily life; stress, pollution and infectious disease are all causes of glutathione depletion. For those that exercise regularly, glutathione is especially important to replenish to avoid injury, improve recovery time and keep your immune system strong.

Which illnesses may be affected by raising glutathione?

Many disease states are characterized by low glutathione levels. Immunocal has been developed as a strategy to help sustain glutathione levels. Glutathione deficiency states include, but are not limited to: AIDS and cancer muscle wasting, chemical and infectious hepatitis, radiation poisoning, malnutrition states, strong physical stress, and acetaminophen toxicity. Many other problems including cardiovascular, lung, digestive and kidney disorders are associated with glutathione deficiency and are cited in numerous medical references.

Is Immunocal safe to take with medication?

There have been no known harmful side effects of using Immunocal or any other Immunotec product while on medications. However, to be safe, it is suggested to consult with your physician if you have any questions.

How many packages are in one box of Immunocal?

There are thirty (30) packages of Immunocal in every box. This is the same for Immunocal or Immunocal Platinum.

What is Immunocal Platinum?

More Valuable than GOLD!

Immunocal has been Immunotec’s flagship product for years. Immunocals’ action is based on the benefits of raising glutathione. The wealth of research on glutathione and the aging process speaks for itself. What is it about the “Platinum” formulation that takes this a step further? Let’s examine this closer.

The major impact on your health that Immunocal bestows is by providing the building blocks or “precursors” for your cells to be able to make glutathione. This is a technology that we continue to refine. Both Immunocal and Immunocal Platinum represent the only patented protein proven to do this. In the development of Immunocal Platinum, we have looked very carefully both at protein metabolism and at potential components of whey proteins that relate to aging. Two separate formulations have been added to Immunocal – CMP™* and RMF.

CMP (Cytokine Modulating Peptides)

Cytokines are little molecules that the immune system uses to regulate inflammation. Inflammation plays a role not only in issues like aches and pains, but also in cardiovascular and neurological health. Inflammation has been pointed to as one of the key factors driving the aging process. What CMP does, is “turn down the volume” on these cytokines.

*CMP is a trademark of Glanbia LLC.

RMF (Redox Modulating Formula)

RMF is an exclusive development from Immunotec’s research and development team mastered by Dr. Wulf Dröge. The major objective here was to decrease the amount of acid formed in the body (important to the kidneys), and as a second benefit, reduces the amount of calcium lost (important in bone health).

Who should take Platinum?

We all should take Platinum. Although it was initially developed with the “Baby-Boomers” and geriatric populations in mind, it became clear that there were benefits for overweight individuals, athletic individuals, people with circulation challenges and others. Certainly, good old Immunocal has proven benefits for all these groups, but Platinum represents the next generation in immune enhancement and will become the new standard in the immune health market. The recommended serving size is unchanged from Immunocal and it can be combined with Immunocal as desired.

Turn a triple into a HOME RUN!

Immunocal Platinum provides a triple action on your immune health – Raising glutathione represents Preventative immunity, the cytokine modulating proteins representing Reparative Immunity. Attention to the proper acid-base balance helps lead to Sustained Immunity. Turn this triple into a homer by topping it off with the other supplements your health professional may recommend to you!

Does Immunocal contain any additives?

The product is additive-free; the sole ingredient is undenatured whey protein isolate.

Can a person who is lactose-intolerant take Immunocal?

Yes, since each pouch of Immunocal contains less than 1% lactose, it is usually well-tolerated in people who are lactose-intolerant. It should be noted that being lactose-intolerant is different than having a milk protein allergy.

How does the manufacture of Immunocal differ from other whey proteins?

Immunotec’s proprietary manufacturing process preserves the critical disulfide bonds in the glutathione precursor cysteine. By delivering this delicate protein to the cell, it enables the body to create glutathione and maximize immune system levels. Other whey proteins are often manufactured using extreme heat and harsh methods of mixing, resulting in a denatured and ineffective product.

Why can’t glutathione be taken in pill form?

Glutathione is produced by the body in the cell when the necessary precursors are provided. Immunocal delivers cysteine to the cell so that it can produce glutathione. Pills pass through the digestive system and little, if any, glutathione is absorbed.

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